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Offering Hope to Children in Crisis


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For over 10 years we have been able to serve hundreds and thousands of poor and needy people of North India by providing clean drinking water, education and livelihood assistance.



"We were drinking dirty water and having to travel long distances to get clean water for the family. Thank you SDI for the gift of clean drinking water. Now our children are disease free"


Who we are

Sampurn Development India is a Non Governmental Organization with a mission to reverse the trends of poverty, plaguing villages and communities, throughout North India, by implementing socio-economic projects that effect positive social changes.
Key functional areas: Providing Education & Literacy, Promoting Health & Nutrition and Improving Infrastructure by providing Sanitation and Clean Drinking Water.


Founders Sampurn Development India was founded in March 2001 by Ben, an Engineer with a post graduate degree in Business Management, and Susan, a Pharmacist.